Do you cook outside of Brooklyn? Would you be willing to come to Manhattan?

Of course, we can host the dinners at other venues; just let us know. Our place in Brooklyn is exceptionally suitable for hosting, but depending on your requirements, we would be delighted to come to your location.

Do you do vegan?

Currently, we can tailor vegetarian diets, but not vegan. On that note, we can also cater to other requests, such as pescatarian, pork-free, alcohol-free, to name a few..

How many people can you accommodate?

8 people for our Private events at our location. But for private events at your locations the guest count is flexible.

Can you accommodate dietary restrictions or special requests for your events?

For private events yes I can accommodate to your dietary requests. I will typically ask about any allergies or preferences when it comes to the food. We can then discuss about substitutions concerning the meal.

Do you offer private event catering, and what is the process for booking a private event with you?

Yes I also host private events in my location and I can also host your private event in your preferred location.

These services are priced differently so we would discuss pricing depending on party size and food format.